Sunday, February 10, 2013

Pinewood Derby, Winter Market and Fire at the Crop

Today was Pinewood Derby day for my oldest grandson.  I love his car, Angry Birds.  He even put some feathers on it.  I'm not sure how aerodynamic that would make a car but it seems to work for birds  :~)  He placed 2nd for the Weblos troop.
I have been setting up some of my crafts at the Winter Market, the past month I have had a lot of Valentine's treats there.  I had already sold quite a few before I remembered to take a picture yesterday.  The lighting wasn't good but you can see some of the things I made for it.  I had a very good day there yesterday.  Since Thursday is Valentine's Day and the Winter market meets on Fridays I'll have to come up with some new projects to make.  I've been having fun with the Valentine's things though.

I didn't post about this but when I went to a weekend crop a couple of weeks ago the lodge we were meeting in at a Girl Scout camp caught on fire.  The back of the lodge where everyone was sleeping was clear but when you walked out to the crop room and kitchen, there was smoke everywhere!  I got up about 7AM and thought it smelled like something burning but it wasn't too bad so I was just sitting there looking out the window at how pretty the lake looked that morning.  Then the crop organizer came back telling everyone (very calmly I  might add) that the lodge was on fire and to get up and go outside.  She was so calm about it that I thought she was teasing!  We ended up going to the basement to wait for the fire trucks since it was so cold outside.  The camp is way out in the country at what is called "Land Between the Lakes".  We had 3 volunteer Fire departments respond with 6 fire trucks and an ambulance!  I think they thought there were little girl scouts there and they all acted quickly.  There was also a news van that came.  It turns out that it was a heating unit in the attic above the kitchen that caught on fire.  There wasn't a lot of damage done to the lodge and there were other heaters to keep us warm so everything turned out good.  Plus we got an extra photo moment and had a more memorable crop.

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