Saturday, September 12, 2009

Halloween Sweet Center Card

It dawned on me that you might like to see the Sweet Centers stamp set if you don't have a copy of the Holiday Mini Catalog so I took a picture of it. Not the greatest picture (like any of mine are since I don't have a great digital camera) but you can see the stamps in it.
I used the Halloween stamp for the card I did today. I stamped it in black and let it dry for a while before I used markers to color in the white areas. It looks fine with them white but I like them colored in too.
On this card I just made an X for the reciepent to pull open to get the candy. There are 2 things I figured out about this way to do it. Notice in the picture when I am cutting with the hobby blade, I only have one layer that I am cutting through. Since the adhesive is on the rim of the cup you can add that last so be sure to cut through all layers at once and then add the candy. You may have to do several passes but if you only do one layer like I did, it will be impossible to get the other layers to line up with the first one. Aren't you glad I share my goofs with you so you can save time and not do them yourself?
The second thing I thought about was that you want to make sure not to pull any of the corners back so that they lay down better. This is not the voice of experience this time, I just thought about it when I was cutting the X's.
I'm thinking that it would be nice if real life let me spend more time in my studio every day. I need to get a few extra projects ahead in the next few days because my son is getting married Saturday and my daughter is expecting a baby next Sunday so I'm going to have a busy week or 2 coming up. Like my weeks aren't busy already! I know that there is a way to do a post and have it post later, I'll have to see if I can figure it out. I'm always amazed when I figure out a new thing on the computer.
I did go and buy a new computer and I'm really enjoying it! I loaded the My Digital Studio on it and made a layout in about 15-20 minutes last night. Boy howdy, it that software great!!! I'll be sharing the layout later, I wanted to share this card with the Sweet Centers Set and I still have the tutorial I promised for the explosion box to post. I'll try to do that Monday and then I can post the digital layouts next week when I'm sure to be frantically busy.
Oh yes, I wanted to share a blog candy opportunity I saw on a blog called Scrappin' Out Loud, isn't that a great name for a blog? Head on over there and let me know if you win (although I'm cheering for myself to win)! I love the second card with the snowmen on it.

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Holly said...

Cute cards Mom. They would make any child happy. We may have to do something like that for Valentine's Day.