Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Heritage Layout

This is a layout we did several months ago at our scrapbook club meeting. It uses one of my favorite stamp sets , Wildlife Reserve. Unfortunately, it is retired now. We have several sets that have a realistic animal or two but none that have this many. I thought they would go great on this layout of my family tree since both sets of my grandparents were farmers, one in Massachusetts and one in Tennessee. I even used the oval punch and made a hole in the tree for the owl to live in.
Speaking of owls, have you noticed how birds and owls are very popular now? We have several sets of both in our new catalog and I've noticed them in other catalogs too. I wonder who sets these styles. I remember owls being very popular in the 70's (I'm dating myself here) but mushrooms were very popular then too. I have noticed a few mushrooms around lately but not as many of them as owls.
I have the new catalogs in now. They are beautiful and have so many great samples in them! I love all the ideas for cards, scrapbook pages and the great 3-D items on each page. So many ideas, so little time . . .


Lauren said...

I really like this layout. Too bad that set isn't sold anymore!

Holly said...

I need to finish that layout. I never finished it.