Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Featured Guest, Lori Stilger

During the blog tour last weekend I noticed a card that was so beautiful that I asked it's creator if she would be a Featured Guest for me. She gladly consented so let me introduce you to Lori Stilger and show you a couple of her cards. I asked her several questions, I think you will be interested in her answers. Don't you love her butterfly card? I ordered the Pretties Kit so I can make beautiful butterflies too!

Why did you decide to join SU?
About 11 years or so ago, I went to a Stampin' Up! party. The whole time I sat there, I thought, "I can do this a lot cheaper with eBay, Michael's, JoAnn's..." So I bought a stamp set, and left.
Two years later, I signed up. I had a STACK of card stock that I couldn't get the inks to coordinate with - especially yellows. Has anyone else noticed that??? I wanted things that I KNEW would go together without my having to think too hard. Stampin' Up! gave that to me - inks, card stocks, markers, AND chalks. And I've never looked back!

How long have you been a demo?
Eight years in June!

Where do you get your inspiration?
Well, to be honest, I hate to copy anyone. I get bored! IF I get stuck, I go bloghop, or go to some demo-only galleries to look. I also keep a file on my hard drive each year called POSSIBLE CASE, and I browse it when I'm desperate.

Tell about your family.
I've been married to my husband, Kenn, for almost 13 years - we met on the internet. I have a stepdaughter, Kaisa, who - along with her husband, Jeff, of two years - lives in California. Kenn and I share a house with my parents, and that's a good thing! I have two younger sisters, both married and in different states.

What is your favorite stamp set?
Oooh, that's a HARD question! I'd have to say, lately, it's been Fifth Avenue Floral. Rustic Rooster's been used a lot around here lately, too - but gosh, it's hard to pick!

What is something every card needs?
TEXTURE. Whether with ink, embossing, or design, it needs to have some depth to it. My customers will also tell you I used dimensionals on about 2/3 of my designs, too. They give a lot of that depth I look for, without breaking the bank - or causing me too much work.

Do you scrapbook? If so, what is your favorite technique for scrapbook pages?
I DO, but more for teaching than for my personal use - we're photographers who work with digital images, so I'm REALLY looking forward to the digiscrapping SU!'s bringing out soon. It can't be too soon. (Elaine's note: Did you see that? I haven't mentioned it but Stampin' Up is coming out with digital products very soon!)
That being said, the albums I HAVE done, I like to do theme scrapping - so that MOST of the pages are the same. I feel that, with a themed album, my memories and the pictures definitely take center stage. For instance, for our 10th anniversary, Kenn and I renewed our vows on our favorite Oregon beach, and took a WONDERFUL trip just for us (instead of spending all the time with family and friends. For MOST of the book, there are no titles, etc - there's a title PAGE, but nothing on individual pages, because the story flows from moment to moment, not event to event. The elements on most of the pages are the same: torn border with embossed starfish. There are two 2-page layouts, however, that I call EYE CANDY. No journaling - because when I take the time to journal, I JOURNAL. Those layouts are completely different pages; I used different colors, different accents, and just scenery shots. I LOVE that book.

I love all the glitter on this card. The Manhattan Flowers embossing folder is one of my favorites! I need to try this technique with it, such a georgous card!

I'd like to thank Lori for joining me today and sharing her projects and answering my questions.
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Lori Stilger said...

Thanks SO much, Elaine! I put your blog on Facebook today, so I hope you get lots of hits. :) I can't tell you how flattered I am; THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!Have a wonderful day - BE BLESSED!